NLE Choppa - Taught To Kill Lyrics
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    Taught To Kill

    Ayy, Versace stepper with my AP every time that I shower
    Fifty shots up on the Glock, you know I got the power
    Shoot a [?] but she ain't got a top on
    Came up in this game, all my hollows turn to [?]
    Perc 10 in my system, call that a decade
    Three bitches dancing on my dick at the Westgate
    Nigga pull up on me wrong I swear I leave him breath take
    Lemon squeeze up on the choppa and the bitch got no safety
    I got the 9 but a nigga used to clutch a .40
    When I was brought up I was taught to kill my opponents
    I can't get caught up in no jail, he gon' snitch up on me
    That's why a real killer do thе dirt up on his lonely
    Stop, man I'm feeling [?]
    We gon' ride 'til it's finishеd
    We gon' slide 'til it's finished
    We gon' shoot 'til it's empty
    Love get turned to a gimmick [?]
    And happiness, what the fuck is it?
    Cause all a nigga felt is pain [?]
    And they ain't catch us, survive [?]
    [?] need a heart, cause this shit is hurtin'
    Even when I smile, it's kinda scarred 'cause my feelings hurt
    The only way I can see my dawg is on a shirt
    And I can't lie, like I'm out to slaughter
    Like I don't keep a blick 39 tucked
    You ever fuck a bitch and then fucked the mamma
    Her daddy even know about it [?]
    Hollow tips up on this glizzy
    And we kill him, caution tape him
    Lot of niggas riding with me
    Lot of shottas when [?]
    [?] I'ma make sure that you feel it
    Bitch I started in the basement, now I'm going through the ceiling
    Peel his cap back, that's a honest [?]
    You rather lie, then you turn to a rat
    Switching sides, I'ma gang gang on that
    We catch his body then you know we double back
    Six feet under
    Westbrook in my Glock 'cause it got thunder
    I'm daydreaming 'bout a body, I got murder trauma
    And fuck that nigga, bitch he slumped
    I had to put him under
    I keep a freak [?] the west nigga
    If I don't call, cause a nigga can't [?] nigga
    I'm NLE with the choppa, I be stretchin' niggas
    I saw a nigga hit and then broke down confessing killings
    No love, unhappiness
    I bet one turn to a opp, what is happening
    Unmatched love turn snake, it was poisonous
    I heard you up on the inside, you was ugly


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