Noizick - CHANDELIERS. Lyrics
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    Beast at this tempo, I'm too confident, I'm killin' it
    Came from an old town who's unknown to what a feeling is
    Ride through the city like I forgot what a ceiling is
    Emotions I'm dealing this, Billionaires billing it

    How much emotions I gotta bottle until it overflows
    Your jokes ain't funny no more you're going too overboard
    I can't even be myself in front of 200 and more
    Lost so many contacts over the course

    Just wanna ask how you feel buying defective chandeliers
    I know there's atwitter version of you hid behind these layers
    Tried staying real with us but you missed your practices
    Evеrybody shiny then tell me whеre's the certificates?

    Them G.I.A.s went M.I.A
    Am I a threat to the community? what can I say
    The way they tryna flow is like lasagna with no stacked layers
    Cold bars with no flavour, man I need some Eucalyptus

    Linked with Milo and Ari and I gave 'em new perspectives
    Felt like a proud dad when I heard about their new collectives
    Remember kids, it's never too late to face a dare
    Language should never be a problem if your message is clear

    Multi-lingual country, but people don't mind their languages
    People tryna fault me, swear they never read their passages
    Blander than cabbages, pretend to sound different from each other
    Such embarrassment

    Man, I wrote this verse at 3 a.m. I know shit's absurd
    Just like some Alfredo with broccoli and little bit of curd
    Buck 10 on Honda Accord, I be revving, ya heard
    It's the Night Owl Noiz, back up in this bitch rapping, ya heard

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