NWM Cee Murdaa - Prison (Outro) Lyrics
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    Prison (Outro)

    Neco `bout to shoot y`all
    Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop
    30, hit, gang, gang, gang

    I was 14 caught me my first pistol that bitch was a nickle
    Turn 15 pop me my first nigga, turns out he was snitchin`
    Turn 16 brought me in the [?], turn me to the system
    Ain`t write no statements so they certfity me, put me with the biggies
    17 I was in that jam thugin` with my kitchen, with no guns if we see the opps we pull up and stick `em
    1 on 1 Imma give you lessons how to thug in prisons
    Just remember you gon` make it far if you sit down and listen
    Cell Block 1 I just popped a bar I`m high as a pigeon
    Wasn`t scared, I had hella scars came from fightin` them niggas
    If you ain`t with it then be who you are cuz the nurse different
    I went to war bitch I`m that nigga on the streets and in prison
    Hit the bricks, popped a whole lotta niggas I fought
    Ain`t no guns in prison but on the streets I got that R
    Come thru blastin` niggas and taggin` niggas just like his dorks
    Why you was in that system, hoes fuckin` niggas her pussy tart
    You in jail [?] on talkin` on nurder bitch keep it up
    Pay my brother pack a noodles and burger to beat you up
    You peep me lean and off my cup and truck kick back and I`m stuck
    I catch you leanin` up on the block pullin` up put you in the char

    Boom, boom, boom

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