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    Bricked Up

    {producer tag}
    Itzmil, this is why i love you

    {verse 1: ocelotguy}
    Suck her dick and call her mine
    Booty makes her really shine
    Saw her granny, she so fine
    Eat her booty, rain or shine

    Suckin' penis like it's candy
    Your girl just gave me a handy
    Booty makes me oh so dandy
    Triggered like nathaniel bandy

    Your dad just came all over me
    I suck his dick but not for free
    Providing for his family

    Got a perm but i'm still hot
    Your moms a hoe but you are not
    My asian bitch just gave me top
    I pop that pussy on the spot

    Counting all my stacks and bread
    While your bitch is giving head
    Tryna think of what you said
    Back when i left you on read

    Doggy style in the woods
    Walkin' round in the hood
    Even though i'm white
    Imma still try to collect the goods

    Is that pussy up for sale?
    Bouta get that holy grail
    Call me chris chan
    Cause' the way i'm bouta go to jail

    Just had sex with a nun
    Two seconds, i was done
    Stuck my dick in to a bun
    Priest found out, gotta run!

    {chorus: ocelotguy}
    Got a couple hoes up in the backseat
    Got a couple hoes on top of my meat
    And you better have this song on fucking repeat
    Now i'm all bricked up like fucking concrete

    Got a couple hoes up in the backseat
    Got a couple hoes on top of my meat
    You lickin' up my load, do it taste sweet?
    I'm on youtube lookin' for a type beat

    {verse 2: maquavious}
    Got a fuckin' hoe in the crib
    Barbecue, cookin' up ribs
    Baby go grab my bib
    Wide eyes lookin' like sid

    Got an ugly hoe suckin' my dick
    But honestly, i'm just bricked

    Put her lips on the tip like a soda
    Call me chief keef cause the way i love sosa
    She a freaky bitch, drinks the cum like it's cola
    In the nba, imma hit em' with a floata
    Connection so good its like an xbox and a modem
    Yeah i got the pole and i ain't talkin' bout a totem
    Said he fights dirty so i grabbed him by his scrotum
    Put a finger in his booty then i told em'

    Yeah, i'm dripped out, can you tell, cause the p
    Hoe want new shoes, i say okay, and i bought em'
    She asked me if i'm straight, so i hit her with a "nada"
    She said she was a virgin, she was 12, so i taught her
    He told me he was african, i asked him, "where you fatha?"

    {outro: ocelotguy & maquavious}
    M: dude, do you get it?
    O: that's kinda fucked up
    M: dude, but dude, it's funny
    O: no, like black lives matter is like a thing right now
    M: bro, uh, no one fucking cares about black lives matter. let's be honest, joe biden's a fucking retard, dude

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