Onision - I'm So Hippie Lyrics
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    I'm So Hippie

    They say I have to brush my teeth
    They say I have to comb my hair
    They say I have to be just like them
    But I don't care

    I'm so hippy...
    I'm so right
    I'm so liberal...
    Fear my hippy might

    Freedom of expression
    Peace is the only way
    Listen as I speak to you
    I have a lot to say

    The government is wrong
    All they speak is lies
    We're the monsters of the universe
    Our enemies are the same as our allies

    Hold up your sign
    March in a line
    We will defy
    We will defy

    Shout out your name
    Don't play Uncle Sam's game
    You think you are a patriot?
    War is so lame, now say it again

    --- I think we may have a problem Mr. President
    ------- Oh yeah, and what's that?
    --- Thousands of hippies are standing on your lawn
    ------- Then throw them in the slammer you moron!

    Uh oh slamma time
    Slamma slamma slamma time
    Uh oh, uh oh
    Slamma jamma time!

    We stand united as one
    The hippy march goes on
    As long as you're opposing us
    We will picket your lawn

    I sit in the grass!
    I enjoy the breeze!
    I eat flowers for breakfast
    And I make out with trees!

    You're killing the planet rapidly
    We're ruining a fraction of 20%
    I'm a litter bug sharpshooter
    But killing is still wrong

    You're destroying mother nature
    Freedom and liberty are lies
    To shave your legs is a crime
    I'll slap anyone who tries

    We will protest your funerals
    We will make your babies cry
    We will unleash our hippy wrath
    Until your corporation withers and dies

    No more credit cards...
    No more mega marts...
    No more government...
    No more you


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