Only Bobby Lee - Tattoo Lyrics
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    I don't do no fronting
    Tell me where you want it
    I got you
    And I ain't lucky
    My charm got em by the dozen
    They flocking
    Need a tre of trissy
    Need it on the double
    And I used to crush Xrissy
    My patience thin

    Expensive bitch
    I leave it up to you
    My paper thin
    Then you dippin
    Cuz the paperthins
    Ain't being spent
    I'm raking in
    Kickin shit
    Not Jackie Chan
    Think he lit
    He actually ham
    Don't pretend
    You know where I done been
    And what we done did
    Spark notes
    Out the country
    And we out here bussing bands
    Stunting in Summer and the Winter
    Cuz I said I'm bussing heads
    Showed some love
    Ain't appreciate it
    So it's fuck em then
    Needing me
    Before Im needing them
    Don't need no helping hand
    Point em out
    I can show you exactly who I'm better than
    The better mane
    Ion ever sound it out like vetta mints
    This Vetements
    Still wasn't moving loose
    Before I had a plan
    Touch a 10
    Touch a Ms
    Shit I need like 10 of them
    Rolling in a rollls
    Got yo ho behind
    Rose tinted lens
    Looking at my Rollie
    Like these bitches plain
    Let's make em dance
    Say I'm foolish
    For finding the silver linings
    2 drugs up in my body
    My Eyes low
    That just exotic
    Kept afloat by Marijuana
    But the pills where I made profit
    Made a killing on yo campus
    Can't believe how quick they copping
    My prices preferential
    I'm plugged in
    I really got it
    They sent brody up the road
    Only hoping he keep solid
    Hope he
    Hush up
    Knowing playas fuck up

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