Open Mike Eagle - Multi-Game Arcade Cabinet Lyrics
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    Multi-Game Arcade Cabinet

    [Verse 1: R.A.P. Ferreira]
    Dune city, no one I knew took pity
    The moon wit' me, every utterance a nature sound
    Yogibogeybox iridescent, pileus clouds
    I study the old scrolls with sincerity
    The prosperity of the sole proprietor climbed higher
    Gin soaked raisins by the fire, while I strum these blues
    Duckin' bad news in several precincts
    This machine in my hands allows me to talk with dead niggas
    Mitochondrial Eve, the Mocha Lisa, bogus rebreather
    Eyes full of fate, relapsed meat eater
    With a hand full of bullet grapes, bodeen
    Moving quiet as ghost feet
    A sip is earned, the plot dreading this next turn

    [Verse 2: Still Rift]
    Yo, I'm the type you either grow to love or learn to hate
    Ain't no in-betweens, I'm either heavy, or a featherweight
    To set it straight, my broken arrows [laurels?]
    Folk dancin', last chances
    Carved from the ashes of wasted olive branches, technology advances
    In the hands of the average, savagery will make a Stallion a glue factory defect
    My name is only Z, so nothing after me, respect
    The sleep you're getting won't be smooth or easy
    Disease, plague, and pestilence complete me
    Delete me, the vacuum of my absence is the presence of catastrophe
    Everybody on the mountaintop thought they were man enough
    Every hero has a plan until the blueprint self destructs
    Everything the light touches is up for discussion
    Heavy conversation, ultimatum, bluffing, then nothing

    [Verse 3: Video Dave]
    One, two, ay, ay, ay, ay
    I got different trains of thought I invented
    I presented back the rental, "What? That panel been dented."
    Shady cop stopped my legend, said my window's too tinted
    I sent a text, cause and effect, regret I sent it
    I gets blinted, it helps me stay vented
    One time I acted like O-Dog, I was a menace
    I take a slow jog, or walk
    "What is the difference?" says the walker
    Coincidence, says the stalker
    "I am not Spider-Man," says Peter Parker
    The devil is a lie, my levels always high
    I never say goodbye, I fly like a bird who never learned how to fly
    I just tried and didn't die

    [Verse 4: Open Mike Eagle]
    Just learn to, learn to fly
    One, two, yeah
    I went through the back door with Oswald
    My codename was The Afro Scofflaw
    My grandma was half asshole and half Choctaw
    We connected like Black Bolt and Lockjaw
    Yeah, I'm Chief Kanisky, I know all your secret history
    You got a playlist called Read the Mint Leaves
    I listened and it was all me and Mitski
    Put dough up, I watch when my coins fail
    I think I'm Orson Welles avoiding voicemail
    This is phase three, niggas wear paisley
    Big shout out to Count Bass D
    I'm sleepy, sometimes I'm sneaky
    I internet strong, feelings are hurt weekly
    I fly the Apache or I'ma guy at the factory
    My thing with the times, too divided, exactly


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