Osy - RebekahMikelson Lyrics
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    Lit bitch!
    I got me a lit bitch!
    Lit bitch!

    She a vamp like mikealson
    Fien for her im itchin
    Nigga this shit not a gimmick bitch
    This takahiro vintage
    They can’t see the vision

    Green Bay we gon blitz shit
    Me and my vamp bitch kissing
    We kill bout this district
    Punk rock shit like lit shit
    On me she plant lipstick
    Vamp shit bitch like mystic
    I can’t die need vengeance
    My bitch showing her tits shit
    We the cool kids you can’t kick shit
    Big racks I got business
    Got a bad bitch check her fit quick
    Finna pin her on some mick shit
    They said I got a demon bitch

    My demin from hedi bitch!
    Hit the dash andrettis bitch
    Nigga talkin down give a fuck bout that shit

    Lit bitch!
    I got me a lit bitch!
    Lit bitch!


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