OT the Real - 2 Worlds Lyrics
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    2 Worlds

    [Intro: Vinnie Paz]
    Yo O, my lil' brother, salute 'em
    Soup Kitchen, Slump Gang and all that
    Official Pistol
    Nah'mean? Pack Pistol Pazienza!
    Respect the shooter! HAHA!
    Yeah, c'mon

    Doggy on the beat

    [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
    Yeah, my ahks rushin' like they stylin'
    A long-term solution to a short-term problem
    The mantequilla comin' through the border Guatemalan
    We politic with foreign diplomats like Nariyana (We gettin' overseas, money)
    I turn a piece of coal into a diamond
    You ass-bettin', homie, the iron may need refinin' (That shit fugaga keh)
    Your two worlds is collidin'
    Your soul off-balance, you shockingly re-aligning (You need God in ya life)
    Look, you don't want it with the stick-work
    The full metal jacket pierce armor and that shit hurt (ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!)
    I spit on the grave of a dead Presley
    Ox on me, carry a blade like I'm Ed Lesley (Hahahaha)
    You all chest puffin' and loud
    But it's one rule here, no suckas allowed
    I fight through the pain, homie, I will die for respect
    Y'all are cameo, talkin' out the side of ya neck

    [Interlude: OT The Real]
    Paz, what up?
    Jedi Mind Trick vibes

    [Verse 2: OT The Real]
    Ayo, I'm ready, let's go
    The power was divided, I showered in all your guidance
    They always want more defiance, I'm caught up in all this violence
    I'm talkin' load of my clients, I got [?] be silent
    They honest, just keep on grindin'
    And watchin' the secrets lyin'
    The darkness that we done lighted
    It's hard with my people dyin'
    The hollow tips keep on flyin'
    I gotta sleep with some iron
    My problems just keep on pilin'
    My dawgs in the deep confined
    The squad, I'ma keep on tryin'
    These officers keep on lyin'
    The white trafficker, mic-massacre
    On these bars like a pedal bike passenger
    The rap shit comin' afterwards
    Don't go nowhere

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