Parker Jack - Self Talk 2 Lyrics
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    Self Talk 2

    Hey I’m back, can we talk?
    Man, what you wanna talk about
    Last time that we did I felt lost as hell
    You chose to box yourself
    For a reason
    Then what’s the reason?
    Cause everybody inside of this world don’t love me
    Man, you don’t even love yourself
    You put every other person above yourself
    Man I had to
    You don’t know what it’s like to be alone
    Oh I don’t?
    Man I’m stuck with you
    I put every little bit of my trust in you
    You closed off, now I’m stuck in you
    I’ve been ducking you
    Man I’m scared of my past
    The person I was would’ve broken like glass
    So thе person you are now is bettеr?
    I’m not saying that!
    Well then face the facts
    Put the person you were in the place you’re at
    And the person you are in the grave and past
    In the grave and past?
    You make it sound so damn easy
    ‘cause it is
    But it’s not
    That’s the reason why I’m even saying it
    Well you better stop praying kid
    For what, for how?
    ‘cause everything you done is a problem to yourself
    Except you won’t change
    You blame every other person for your own pain

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