Pe$o Pete - DEATH MATCH! 2 SNIPPET* Lyrics
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    Lyrics From Snippet

    [Producer Tag 1: koll]

    [Intro: PE$O PETE]

    [Producer Tag 2: oddwin]
    Ayo', oddwin!

    [Verse: PE$O PETE]
    Left hand, flame like I'm Ace (Wow!)
    Right hand, holdin' cake (Aye)
    I got a bad bitch, she make it shake (Ooh)
    I'm smokin' big Za, you smokin' shake (Sheesh)
    Hotline, blaow! Walk wit' a drake
    Walkin' him down, I feel like Snake (Yuh!)
    Who put you on? Oh, that's me (Poser)
    My Haki too strong, feel like Shanks (Poser)
    Rollin' a blunt, then I'm out to the bank (Fuck)
    Ashin' my blunt, then I laugh in yo' face (Aye!)


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