Pe$o Pete - TUH MOMENT #701 Lyrics
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    TUH MOMENT #701

    [Producer Tag: oddwin, [?], [?], PE$O PETE, & All]
    Ayo', oddwin! We wanna' see yo' dance, ayo', oddwin! Aye!

    [Intro: PE$O PETE]
    Oh yeah

    [Verse 1: PE$O PETE & oddwin]
    I said, "I don't go like that"
    I said, "I don't go—"
    I said, "I don't go like that" (Ayo', oddwin!)
    'Cause I cannot [?] roll, you gon' go right back
    I was at the [?] gettin' long [?] backs
    I was [?] know me on this [?] toe tag
    He had to make it so sad
    Keep [?] my bread
    He don't know me? I got lead
    Meanin' y'all can catch a pair
    Two cut [?] like the bear
    He ain't even left the ground
    I got [?] like upstairs
    And my whole fit off the internet, I bet they gon' stare, yeah
    I just beat the [?] Sweet Kush, hit 'em out the crib
    He ain't get rollbacked, aftеr paid the Za, I paid the drip
    This life rеal shit, get a grip
    [?] like I'm hoppin' whip
    I ain't talkin' mari jeans, [?], I'm gon' [?] real

    [Bridge: PE$O PETE]
    Thrifted corner rug, I don't wear no Robin jeans, that shit ain't yo' fit
    Back in day, we wander with no purpose tryna' make it writ
    If he had a problem, pulled the choppa' like [?], gon' make 'em lit
    Leave 'em fire, [?] can't even die

    [Verse 2: PE$O PETE]
    Bitch, I been to Hell and back, yo' ass couldn't stay the ride
    Yo' ass prolly won't survive
    Runnin' shit, it's do or die
    You should take me serious before young PE$O take yo' life
    In this life, be serious or else [?] steal yo' life
    [?] with conviction, I rap like I'm out of time
    Like Rick Ross, my waist is lemon-lime, yo' ass stay outside
    Like The Boss, you know I get it right, yo 'ass wait in line
    ​oddy sent the beat, he know I slide, yo' ass just alright
    [?] the crib wit' my 9, feel like—, ah
    Choppa' like Vegeta final fight, bro' gon' see the light
    He ain't make no money out his music, he want suicide
    He ain't believe me when I said, "This shit is you or I"

    [Outro: PE$O PETE]
    God damn', God damn'
    You know how it be, uh
    And that hit is [?], no
    [?], uh
    Balmain on my feet, uh
    I just had to [?], uh
    Eenie—, hahahahaha, ha


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