Pete Seeger - Blow the Man Down Lyrics
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    Blow the Man Down

    As I was out walkin' down paradise street
    To me way, hey, blow the man down
    A pretty young damsel I chanced for to meet
    Give me some time to blow the man down

    She was round in the counter and bluff in the bow
    So I took in all sail and cried, "Way enough now"
    I hailed her in English, she answered me clear
    "I'm from the Black Arrow, bound to the Shakespeare"

    So I tailed her my flipper and took her in tow
    And yard arm to yard arm, away we did go
    But as we were a going she said unto me
    "There's a spankin' full rigger just ready for sea"

    That spankin' full rigger to New York was bound
    She was very well mannered and very well found
    But as soon as that packet was clear of the bar
    The mate knocked me down with the end of a spar

    As soon as that packet was out on the sea
    It was devilish hard treatment of every degree
    So I give you fair warning before we belay
    Don't never take heed of what pretty girls say


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