Philophobia - I Am Lyrics
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    I Am

    Once sheltered by the storm
    Guarded by a warming light
    I searched the ones that have brought all fear inside
    With all asleep underneath the deep
    There is salvation for our minds
    In all the sickness I hide
    With every breath
    My body gets more numb
    And with every step
    I can see
    Returns denied

    I am the core of all your wrongs
    I am the virus in your lungs
    I am the anger that is real
    I am the pain that makes you feel
    Now call me your saviour
    Just call me your saviour

    Now sеarching for this world
    There's silencе all surrounding me
    Can't fight the illusion
    Of being trapped in here
    One last time
    I try to
    I try to open up my eyes
    To see and believe

    God's creation?
    I'd rather die a painful death
    So I pretend to be living
    But I'm not

    Twice or more I've had the chance
    To turn it into something bright
    But I failed to leave
    And make all things right
    No angels weep but demons creep
    Where is salvation for our minds?
    When all the sickness had won
    My final breath
    Had nothing left for my lungs
    And facing death
    I could see
    Return's denied


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