Professor Green - Little Secrets Lyrics
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    Little Secrets

    [Verse 1: Professor Green]
    I felt like I was going crazy
    Thought I was losing my mind, I did
    I even convinced myself it was all in my mind, all of this time
    I think it's high time
    That some truth comes of this lie I've lived
    We've lived or we live together
    At least we did when we were together
    All of the things that we did together
    Tainted, jaded
    The first sign of temptation, you gave in
    First heard when you tripped up, stumbled over
    And did something that I'd never even contemplated
    Stick your story, save it
    Thought it was a mistake, were you sober
    Or were you wasted?
    Did you show him all of your little faces?

    [Pre-Hook: Mr Probz]
    If everyone knows
    Why ain't nobody telling me, telling me?

    [Hook: Mr Probz]
    Found out all your little secrets
    Uncovered all your little lies
    The amount of times you'd had me believe it
    You were pulling the wool over my eyes
    Found out all your little secrets
    Uncovered all your little lies
    And now I'm starting to put all the pieces
    Together in my mind, together in my mind

    [Verse 2: Professor Green]
    Did I ask too much of you?
    Did I expect too much?
    Could I have given you a little extra?
    Would it have made you a little less of a strut?
    And you walk wherever you walk
    Dress barely holding on for the ride
    Guess I knew we'd always end premature
    I can't say it didn't come as a surprise
    So tell me, was it good, was it?
    Was it worth it? Did you work it?
    Would you be as kind as to
    Tell me what it was I did to you to deserve it?
    Cause nah, I ain't perfect
    But I ain't ever shown nobody where you sleep
    Are you gonna have somebody in my bed?
    Guess I better get new sheets

    [Pre-Hook: Mr Probz]

    [Hook: Mr Probz]

    [Bridge: Mr Probz]
    Together in my mind
    I found out that you've just been hiding the truth
    Now it's yours, oh

    [Pre-Hook: Mr Probz x4]

    [Hook: Mr Probz]


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