Racing Shy - Tonka Truck Lyrics
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    Tonka Truck

    (Chorus 1)
    Rolled up in my Tonka Truck
    I dont fuck with none of my opps
    I be smoking loud, dont pass me no midget
    I be going hard

    Rolled up in my Tonka Truck
    I can't fuck with none of my opps, they are all goddamn scrubs
    I just rolled up a blunt, something that smells like a skunk
    I dont give no fucks, know im next up, im doing everything they want
    Ima blow up like a propane tank, i dont even know why these btichs keep hating
    Keep snaking things about me, keep saying they wanna throw fits
    So come at me, stop comming all these different directions always hitting my comments
    You said you would fight me, i feel like super man in the comics
    You ain’t my kryptonite, you ain't no wеakness
    Come pull up, im waiting for you
    Im in my brand new droptop, i nеver gave a fuck about a thot
    I just rolled up a blunt, bet it smells like a fucking skunk

    (Chorus2 )
    Rolled up in my Tonka Truck
    I could never gave no fucks, smoked all of my opps
    Dont pass me no midget, smoke strong, smoke that loud
    Smoke that tall as shit, i see all of the sankes in my grass
    Thats why i keep a Flamethrower like Elon Musk


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