Rare Americans - Chapters of My Love Life (skit) Lyrics
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    Chapters of My Love Life (skit)

    My love life has been a roller coaster, man
    And this record holds a few of those stories
    Chapters from my love life
    People are settling down all around me
    For ten years, I've been holding on for that one special person
    Everyone says is impossible to find
    I've searched for love all over the world
    From Slovakia to Sweden; New York to the Netherlands to Vancouver, the city I call home
    I'm sure like many of you, I'vе had experiencеs where I felt everything was right
    But the circumstances were impossible or
    I was super into somebody who wasn't interested in me
    I find myself at a crossroads right now
    With two birdies on either shoulder
    One wants a life partner and to build a family
    And the other, the wayward bird, puts all sorts of fucked up ideas in my head
    But I imagine the shit he spews will eventually get old
    It's a beautiful thing when somebody knows you to your core
    When you've experienced so much together that you have a bond no one else could possibly understand
    But you have to dive in headfirst and commit to letting that fine wine age before you cork it in a moment of desire
    And right now, I'm asking myself:
    "Am I ready?"


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