Reminisce - Jemi Lyrics
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    Lie lie nobody fit to stop the party
    Ti pe ti pe we dey hustle nobody send me
    Right now all the chickalas want to je me
    They never like me until recently
    Then i see Demi talking to KemI
    Though am fucking Chichi right now
    Good life is now what we living
    Haters definately you'd be coming on after we
    Ola fe je mi o la fe je mi
    Mi ma lo fe je mi like
    Oh Lord
    These girl dey drive me wild
    Back in the days these girls they never loved me
    They used to tell me that i was jungle like Mowgli
    Now they wanna hug me now they wanna love me
    Now am so fly evey girl wanna fuck me
    Back in the days my sawg was real filthy
    Check me out now my swag is all silky
    Am koko lounging Eko hoteling
    Soso lounging my swags propelling
    Back then i was more like hoses and wishes
    But now i got fine red cars full of bitches
    I give them stong thing like Banky but am hiphop
    Now i do Nikes i never do Reeboks
    Tola wan fe je mi Tolani fe je mi
    Ngozi fe je mi like Oh Lord
    These girls don dive me wild
    And i wonder where them dey when we dey share one cup of gari
    We dey stroll from Ojota go go each Ikoyi
    Now we making dough we dey fly New York to Paris
    Mi gbo se wa pari gbogbo afe wan pa mi
    I love the good life and i sit on top of the world
    When i think way back i dont want you bitches no more
    See my house dey full of bitches i dey live in koko mansion
    My swagger is criminal dont need extra attention
    Check the paparazzi to ba fe te mi ko jasi
    Jah don bless me eh eh eh Jesse Jackson
    Tola wan fe je mi Tolani fe je mi
    Nkechi fe je mi like Oh Lord
    These girls dey dive me wild
    These girls dont even know half of my story
    But i prefer to keep it self explanatory
    Had to hustle hard for that lottery money
    Now every girl just wanna call me honey
    Now they hold me see now they wana kiss me
    They on even wana d things they know would piss me
    These girls would change yor life in 2 days
    Cause i don see what they did to 2face
    I don experience shit like Bridge and John Terry
    Now am going presidential like senator John Kerry
    Run things for gini like Amara titi
    Reminisce aka general delivery
    Bisi fe je mi Yemi fe je mi
    Nkechi fe je mi o Oh Lord
    These girls dey dive me wild
    Fale fe je mi Tolu fe je mi
    Gbemi fe je mi Oh Lord
    These girls dey dive me wild
    Bisi Adeyemi Folake ni Gbemi
    Gbogbo wan fe je mi like oh Lord
    Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Lopez
    ****** Violet
    Jemba jemba general **
    Owa lati je je jere to n'je le
    Jedi jedi Je anything


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