Rimzee - Mic Merkers Freestyle Lyrics
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    Mic Merkers Freestyle

    Them man are driving round bangers
    I spent six on my first whip to beep my horn in traffic
    Catch me swerving through Clapton
    In my Moncler, eight bills, you can't afford my jacket
    Chilling playing chess in my Louis creps
    Thinking bout the days when I couldn’t buy a Q of peng
    They're like "Where's your new vid?", I’m like "Bear with him"
    I've got a man on test run, I threw a half a square at him
    I should be on a first class plane to Miami
    But I can't cause I'm on bail for some madness
    Swag mad fam, I shoulda done fashion
    All my clothes foreign like I speak another language
    I took it for the team cause I'm my brother's keeper
    I got shanked nine times but I ate that like a pizza
    I remember school times, getting cussed by my teacher
    But now I've got more guap than my teacher
    I had shh holding my beater
    Tryna gas teacher to slag the whole nina
    Them times there I was travelling from
    Me, Biggz and Smokes bro, the real money team cuz
    And I just finished school in like '08
    Caught a arms charge, now I’m tryna beat the whole case
    Looking down, I’ve got Gucci on my loafers
    Called the Roc Boys and I ain't talking bout Hova’s
    And you can get it from the A.M. to the P.M
    I took a little violation, that reason being
    T bought that ting down, fam it sent my nigga Veen
    And they're lucky he didn't see them
    My whole fucking life's been hard G
    But I smile when I look at my Carti
    My link for me said there’s new sums, come and see him
    But I'm still mad I lost three tings
    And I ain't pull up in the flyest cars
    Cah they're flagging all my motors dem for firearms
    Armed jakes telling me "Get out" with their beaters
    Telling me to put my fucking hands where they can see them

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