Robert Glasper - Everybody Wants To Rule The World Lyrics
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    Everybody Wants To Rule The World

    Welcome to your life
    There's no turning back
    Even while we sleep
    We will find you

    Acting on your best behaviour
    Turn your back on Mother Nature
    Everybody wants to rule the world
    Everybody, everybody

    It's my own design
    It's my own remorse
    Help me to decide
    Help me make the

    Most of freedom and of pleasure
    Nothing ever lasts forever (Nothing is gonna last)
    Everybody wants to rule the world (Everybody wanna rule the world)
    Evеrybody, everybody (Everybody wanna rulе the world)

    There's a room where the light won't find you
    Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
    When they do, I'll be right behind you

    So glad we almost made it
    So sad we had to fade it
    Everybody wants to rule the world

    As we move through time and space
    And we all try to find our place
    So many rulers, but who leads with grace, yeah

    Greet 'em with the freedom, when I see 'em, yo, I read 'em
    Scriptures of humanity, the spirit's colosseum
    Step in the arena, my Medina, yo, my Mecca
    Life is greener where there's texture, the meaning of the sceptre
    Gods' rule is better, we move through your trepidation
    It's a nation searching for it's foundation
    Mother Nature's relation, you see agitation
    So many admirables with no admiration
    This is verbal vaccination, how do you react to it?
    We needed Black Radio for pure Black music
    The path to movement, show improve, improvement
    For our homes and domes, we all had to move with
    The times, as the world heals, we climb
    It's no back to normal, 'cause normal don't recline
    I'm a portal for rhymes, ask Shonda
    I bridge tons of minds, so everyone can conquer
    One rule, one mantra, you got me, then I got ya
    The posture of a Rasta
    I reconsider, I reevolve
    I reconstruct, I see the I, we in all
    We got understanding, then there's no need to fall
    You know I got bars, so there's no need to brawl
    Tryna change hearts like the angels did Saul
    And pierce the Devil with the truth like Paul, that's all

    Welcome to your life


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