Rod Stewart - Touchline Lyrics
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    [Verse 1]
    There he'd stand
    Every Saturday afternoon
    Rain pouring down that well worn face
    With a cigarette in his mouth
    Part of a tiny noisy crowd
    He’d watch his sons play the game he loved
    He would tell us lots of stories
    Of heroes and glories
    And the pride of the Wembley Wizards on Busby Babe
    His enthusiasm was infectious
    He bought us football boots for Christmas
    Our dad was a Scotsman and a plumber by trade
    I remember one time being three down at halftime
    So, we looked at dad for a plan to turn the tide
    Hе said, "Son we're not herе to have fun"
    That whinger's trying to welch me a muck
    Tackle him hard, and leave him face down in the mud

    On the touchline
    On the touchline, our dad

    [Verse 2]
    A sturdy man of Caledonia and principles
    But of course, we all believed him to be invincible
    A father with a heart on the line
    But as time went by those old legs grew tired
    So we braced ourselves for the inevitable
    One sunny afternoon, the final whistle blew
    My two brothers and I took him to his grave
    As a long piper played that beautiful amazing grace
    Our touchline dad had died

    [Verse 3]
    Now the funeral wasn’t sad, but a humorous affair
    Our dear old mom, God bless her
    Suffered memory loss
    She said to my sister, "Where on Earth is your father?"
    Sister Mary said, "Mom, he's at the front there in that box"

    On the touchline, our dad
    On the touchline, our dad

    [Verse 4]
    Now it's my time on the side in the rain
    And watch my boys play the beautiful game
    And sometimes, sometimes
    I look up to the clouds and I say
    "Dad I hope you're looking down"
    'Cause if it wasn't for you
    All this might not have been

    On the touchline, our dad
    On the touchline, our dad


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