Rope Sect - Issohadores Lyrics
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    You have the triad to be yourself:
    The ardour, the will and the might
    In mere defiance you freed yourself
    From shackles of foreboding nights
    Formed and alliance and bound yourself
    To heralds of negation
    The final triumph to be expelled
    From civilisation

    The credence we pursue
    Was only vague for you
    The wisdom of a few
    Is deluding dreams for anyone
    Misleading light broke through
    The shadows over you
    Sly masquerade to come
    Funeral feast for anyone

    We came, we saw, we left
    Debris on the morrow
    We loomed, we snared and kept
    A grin in our sorrow

    Among the fires we've built ourselves
    A kingdom remote from the sun
    Hearing the sound of the death knells
    We're holding on, we're holding on
    Treating the liars with bare contempt
    Defiers of temptation
    Turning compliance to chastisement
    A paragon of damnation


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