S7vn - Ali Bomaye Remix Lyrics
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    Ali Bomaye Remix

    [Verse 1] - S7VN
    Here we go, a toxic trained assassin ready for annihilation
    You better watch you position, I'm about to go take it
    Something of a beat destroyer, like if we were playing beat saber
    I'll be coming back as the ace player
    The way I'm rapping, I sever letters like a paper shredder
    I spit it for the millions of people
    I got it written and I rock to the spot
    And I do it for a lot of time to remind my mind
    I was injected in the rhyme and I'm not that cynical
    Cause that means I think about shit
    Flowing off and I really spit
    No flow is immaculate, until you can articulate it with style as you rap it
    I'm pretty particular when I rap with the bars, I shoot for the stars
    I meant this, unanimous
    I'm not a machinist, But I have been working on this
    I spin this wicked clean, like a washing machine
    I prolly took a minute to get it
    Cause I set it to separation, every time I rip with elevation, I pick this to the nation
    Probably gonna get it with the flow like this
    They were taking the piss
    Hoping my tracks would miss
    Cause I gave all my heart
    And I had to do it from the start
    And I had to do it again, again, again
    I'm picking up the pen, punishing the pitiful
    Practicing perfect pronunciation around your perimeter
    I murder flows like a evil sinister
    I use a lot of fuel cause I'm really burning it
    There glued like bondo, this is for the days when I was feeling hollow
    When everyone hated on me, Why?
    Because I was trying to make it as a MC
    Trying to get it everyday, I was rapping up in a definitive way
    So the haters they can suck it
    I bust back the flow cause you know, I step up bring the heat
    Like a flamethower, fire spitting dragon
    Anything you can possibly imagine
    S7VN severs tracks and busts back yelling

    [Chorus] - S7VN
    Ali Bombaye! Ali Bombaye!
    Thank god that their seen another day
    Ali Bombaye! Ali Bombaye!
    Got a chopper and a bottle, fuck it let em' spray

    [Verse 2] - S7VN
    Let em' spray, I'm rocking back, let em' know I'm killing it
    I'm really peelin it, the same style, I was given it
    I eliminate rappers like the executioner
    Cause i'm causing devastation, a flow like this through annihilation
    Their participating, practicing, every rhyme that their authenticating
    Cause I cause a dilemma, every time I rock with a vicious vandetta
    I rock up on the scene, I had a dream and flow since sixteen
    To rap for the team, it was in my bloodstream
    We ain't comparable, I was born with this in my cerebral
    I'm like every rapper, and individual with a lyrical mindset
    Most of us come from debated and hated on
    Having terrible situations and life devastation
    That's why we spit lyrics for the nation
    With a fixation, flowing out our frustration
    Cause rapping is like a building, you can't build it without a foundation
    Then every level is a chapter to your career
    Until you reach the final frontier
    I keep circular like a cylinder
    Casually I'm breaking boundaries
    In an Industry, I don't work for no Interpol
    Scroll through the media and you'll see some people tryna troll
    They just don't want to walk in the other person's sole
    Cause clearly they don't have a soul
    I hope one day I get to rap in seoul
    Cause I respect everybody from far and near, I'm the pioneer
    But not like the subwoofer
    I got this mapped out like a geographer
    I'm breaking blocks like a demolisher
    So you can call this the blockbuster
    I was that quiet kid, I had no time to gossip
    Otherwise I'd be the one getting walloped
    I let my music do the talking
    But still people are mocking
    You hate my music so much but you still choose to listen to it
    These hypocrites, your words don't transmit
    Cause like a power cord, your power is pulled out


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