Sebastian Azul - Personal Hero (Portuguese Mix) Lyrics
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    Personal Hero (Portuguese Mix)

    Artist: Sebastian Azul
    Written by: Sebastian Azul
    Produced by: Sebastian Azul
    Piano by: Minor2go
    Featuring: Souraya & Dominic

    [Intro] Sebastian Azul (Extended version only)
    You are the reason
    Why I know and feel, and understand what love is
    Your unconditional love
    The father and son bond we have, means the world to me
    You are the reason I chose to continue, in my darkest hours
    You are my greatest achievement in life, and
    Without an ounce of hesitation
    You are my greatest creation
    You arе my biggest inspiration
    I want you to know that I love you with evеry fibre of my being
    You are my personal hero, Love you

    [Verse 1] Sebastian Azul
    That little man there
    Jumping Everywhere
    Pretending to be a dino
    Pretending to be a rhino
    I love being a daddy
    Love when’s happy
    On his element
    He’s so intelligent
    Elegant, gentleman
    I don’t do settlement
    All real sentiment
    That’s so relevant
    Never been negligent
    That’s my influence
    PS 3, we into it
    That’s my little homey
    With his mate tommy
    Aliens and zombies
    Watch him get silly
    When we
    Watching Disney
    Meu canuco
    Meu filhinho
    Ti amo muito
    D O M I N I C
    [Chorus 1#] 4x
    Have I ever told you
    How much I adore you
    And you should know
    That you are my personal Hero
    Hero hero hero
    You are my personal hero
    [Chorus 2#]
    When I was in the dark
    You was never too far
    You showed me how, to restart
    So baby thank you
    From the bottom of my heart
    Outro Dominic saying: my personal hero is my dad
    Extended version:
    Olha aqui minha criação
    Obrigado do fundo do coração
    Por me dar, força, amor, e ração


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