Seven (Connor Hutchison) - Find Your Way Lyrics
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    Find Your Way

    When you feel like all is lost
    Lost and gone
    Look up
    And you will find your way

    There are so many variables to decent iron rap
    So many ways to lose control even more to fight it back
    The grit black through dense black magic
    Or the medicine that swims as others would have it
    A variety of burdens a piece of cellular broadcast
    Unfunded revolution and the war and all that
    So you lose the vertices you want to murder and give third degree
    But restraint is a weapon for baseless freedom
    You can't lose it all just becausе it seems some
    Person robbed you of thе image you paint
    Perfect your perception plan your escape
    Keep no strife on the brightest of days

    Look up X 4

    Aww yeah

    Focus on the feeling that lies below
    It might have been a demon grasping close
    Take your own demons instead of someone's pride
    Devilish placement decipher the matrix
    Feet on the ground you won't simply sink
    You won't fly away as the angels might think
    Perpetuate common ground no civil disobedience
    Reading this just thought of the cleaner spit
    Authorize auditory command
    Gather and hoard
    It's cool with me we all play on the same board
    Same game same name
    Different friends or enemies
    Entities rightly directing scenes of entropy
    Benevolence or malevolence each side it's perspective
    But the vertical alignment is what defines the blessing

    Look up X 4

    Aww yeah

    Spoken as a cross of words navigate through to earth
    Fire water wind sin until perfected
    Find your way only true direction
    Anathematize and curse only when you've earned the right
    To find your way through the darkest of nights

    One thing to remember at this point. Even if you feel like you can't, you're not alone

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