John's Children - The Love I Thought I'd Found Lyrics
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    The Love I Thought I'd Found

    You think I need you but you are so wrong
    'Cos living with you is like living alone
    You don't care, you never try
    You just don't know that sometimes I cry

    You always argue and think that you're right
    But the things that you say are so full of spite
    You criticise, you say I lie
    You just don't know that sometimes I cry

    Smashed, smashed, smashed
    You break my life in two
    Blocked, blocked, blocked
    My way of getting through

    My mind is slowly spinning round
    Where is the love I thought I'd found?

    Smashed, smashed, smashed
    My world is breaking down
    Blocked, blocked, blocked
    My days are fading out

    The tired flame that holds my stare
    Will soon be out, or won't be there

    Please! I'm losing my way
    Help me now, I'm dizzy from wanting you
    I'm dizzy from wanting you
    Try to bring me back before it's too late
    Where am I? Where are you?
    I really need somebody
    My eyes are getting tired
    Try to bring me back...
    Help me now, everything's spinning
    My mind is a whirl, I'm dizzy
    Please, you've gotta bring me back

    Stop! Or leave me alone
    You know I need you, and that isn't wrong
    I need your love, don't blame me


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