Shmeur - Taboo Lyrics
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    [Verse: Ayesha Erotica]
    Two small titties and a baseball bat
    I'm tryna find out where the bitch stays at
    One wrong word could get your faced smacked
    Shit, one wrong whip could get your faced cracked
    Bitch, 745 with the pink interior
    I see a sex doll when I look in the mirror
    Turn this shit up high so you can hear me
    From the 562, yeah, bitch, I'm firmé
    Ayesha Nicole Smith, hi
    Gimme 20 grand to slide up inside
    Instead of Jesus I worship Trina
    Instead of liquor I drink some cleaner
    Yeah, my daddy's real proud of his little bitch
    And when my boyfriend cums, it ain't no little drips
    I ain't illiterate, bitch, no, I'm a little rich
    So come and run me my check, you fucking little shits

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