Short Fictions - Don't Start a Band Lyrics
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    Don't Start a Band

    Don’t start a band, unless you like spending time in a hot van
    (7 hours to get there, 14 dollars at door)
    Don’t start a band, you oughta invest in your future
    (Your student loans won’t pay themselves; you should pick up more hours)
    And every day I feel like a failure, sit alone at home watching Sailor Moon DVD sets
    And everything just fills me with envy
    Always feel like my world is ending, every moment of every day

    Don’t start a band, unless you like picking fights with your best friends
    (“I wish you’d start playing sober,” “why don’t you ever shut up?”)
    Don’t start a band, you didn’t go to college for nothing
    (This run of records costs more than my car, these kids aren’t buying our t-shirts)
    And every night I feel like a failure
    Drink alone and curse like a sailor, I shouldn’t drink so much
    And I think that this tour just might kill
    Drinking every night doesn’t thrill me
    Like it did in college


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