SLUGGA (@thatiskobe) - BIZ-NESS Lyrics
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    What the fuck these bitches didn’t get?
    Rap bitches more cap, than a fitted get
    Im the one and only that’s sick
    Im the one that come harder than a erect dick

    Fuck you and your feelings too
    Closet got more alpacas than a feeding zoo
    Got more shoes to my feet into
    That’s chanel bags matching perfume too

    Spittin more game that a referee
    Oh how im so sick way they blessing me
    Wait looking at time and it’s 333
    Got more bens on me than tinashe

    Im S L U
    Penn Badgley
    Rap girls steal my lines
    Like they stealing coke, sadly
    Bitches get a little buzz
    Then feel like bee
    Me? i been up
    Im so Blake lively
    I get so masc
    On the mic
    Let me call up ski
    I put the blast on the mic
    Like Tyson Be

    Know some niggas that’ll shoot like cupid for me
    That’s why tha back n forth is really stupid to me
    Hatin bitches came together and grouped it like coupons
    Who’s that bitch still standing n spittin, while you gone

    LET ME!


    Laugh at That

    Girls been in the back
    Where rosa at
    I get more money
    Than 50’s album track
    I pull more strings
    Than guitars in rap
    That’s why these bitches can’t fuck with me
    Celibate fact

    Fuck they thought i would just sit up here
    You won’t survive another year
    Washed up and the tub is there
    Never chicken but
    Can I get someeeeeeee Louisiana Grub in here

    Mocking you

    Sick spot like chicken pox
    Cannot take mine
    Bitches ain’t got my craft
    They cannot take mine
    Like they tryna kidnap tori
    Cannot take my shine
    Who you know spit heat
    Pop reggaton beat
    Ya name
    AINT next to mine
    Fuck the DateLine

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    Yeah, Yeah


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