SLUGGA (@thatiskobe) - DUMP001 Lyrics
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    DESTINATION - 1:00-1:48
    BAG - 1:48-2:41
    MUNNY -2:41-3:42
    WLS - 3:42-5:31


    Hopped out the two door
    (stay dripped in glamour)
    Paparazzi Screaming
    I Tilt My Head
    Then Kilt Them dead
    Like ye said
    Flashing lights
    Like the feds ahead

    Hopped in my two-seater
    Gassed like the meter
    Bitches screaming slug
    They gassed just to meet her
    The praise won’t stop
    Like CB, Sevyn Streeter
    But they could still see me
    Riding round with my heater

    Or with a hit man, Derek Jet-ear
    Feminine but I hit man, abuser
    Just got another hit man, i chart there
    Ion play like hit man, no gamer

    In the passenger
    Sitting right here
    Said they was passin her, where?
    I see naan

    Hoe that could do me
    Read me, school me
    Im so hot, woowee
    Wrist iced, it cool me


    Im that bitch, ya nigga want me get my groove (on!)
    Fuck him, ditch him, (bye!) now he crying, never move on
    They like “slug you be doing these lil niggas too wrong”
    If my main nigga find out then he smoking both like two bongs

    Shit GSTAR just asked me to hop on two songs
    Highest in demand, big boss, like them ty-cons (tycoon)
    Wait what the fuck, im a bad bitch uh
    So hot, never really took a bad picturea

    Money is the language, can you speak translation?
    My Rosetta Stone is benjamin faces
    Is ya Rollie Facin
    Is yo goalie placed in ?
    Like do you ball? like is you home basing

    Yo bm in my dm
    And yo bd wanna see me
    Please don’t play me like a CD
    Imma ROC YOU OUT like riri


    Mimic my flows, my steps, mimic my toes
    These girls never cold, like they all mimicking hoes
    These bird ain’t fly so i dont mimic them crows
    I just stay cold like NY, out by soho

    You too predictable, where my cristoball
    Cause all they do is copy, printable, stunt double
    Im a cunt i suspend girls, principal
    Careers cut it’s the end girls, credits rolled

    You can't fuck wit me, you bitches can't peg me
    If he got a buck on him, like sponge b, I’ll suck on em like a keg b
    Cop gissepui for my right and my left feet
    NEXT pls, go! get em out my face like MC

    She thinkin’ she a ki (key) like them thangs that jangle
    Imma murder she like when they wrote that sangle (single)
    Bitches ain’t catch, ain’t fetch that the last line
    You bitches can't catch, so bench the side line


    All you flow crooks is shook
    To hear a new one from me
    Got new heat like new guns for you to meet
    All these hoes wanna be me trick or treat
    Where ya costume?
    New nigga got bread
    Never care what it cost him
    Spit so hard, spit so awesome i lost em
    Checking bitches off the list names what im crossing
    Me and my bitches wild just like a mosh pit
    We is too cold, get mitts gon defrost it

    I am that bitch, they said that
    If you need a hit, im the bitch to get bats
    Pussy only pop pop pop for big bags
    Like you don’t get sleep, or you just spend racks

    Im the best, discussion gon and end that
    Get a hit, concussion you ain’t got that
    Im crushing you bitches, like it’s high school
    Can't reach the top you my son, a high stool

    I’ll crack ya lip, you’ll need the burts bees
    Beat up the beats so bad i hurt these
    Niggas pussy, they doing they skirtsys
    They be feening on my pics, these niggas lurk me

    I be balling more, than a endzone
    They stall more, than a porter potty
    In a fair zone
    Bitches tryna cop my style, cop my stitch, my clothes on
    They tryna cop the fabric, your sow on

    Black on a track like it’s twelve AM-ish
    Need me a soulja boy like on yasss bish
    Handle his cheese, handle his cabbage
    Never say please for bread, baguettes out in paris


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