Soulja Boy - New Girls Lyrics
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    New Girls

    We are here today to discuss the new girls
    And the tiny pants movement
    First one chapter what topic one discussion one
    New girls in the small past movement
    What is going on
    It's 2009
    That's not mean for tv there
    I thought he's young right fuck the new girls
    Now you know what it was though
    These niggas sold 9000 albums first week
    You know they ain't really selling 9000 it's really like 8000
    Yeah this is garbage
    Off in the ? my nigga ?
    Hold on
    Hello b what up nigga
    What's poppin bro good to hear from you
    I'm in the studio i got three mixtapes dropping on halloween you know and i got to finish them right now
    You know what i mean ? you know what i mean
    Hell yeah
    Nigga i'm in the booth right now nigga about to do the skits ?
    I'm about to run it hold on
    Get on these niggas real quick
    I got the mic get on these niggas
    Fuck the new girls
    Fuck the new girls
    Fuck em


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