Sporadic (Episodic) - The Milk Float Lyrics
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    The Milk Float

    I been around, I been the sickest since I grabbed the mic
    Taking flight when it's bar for bar, I've never lost a fight
    Take it slowly all over ya closterphobic flows
    Evil came in many forms of lyrics when the demon rose
    Keep the windows closed, I'll replicate the night stalker
    Kill you in your sleep, my only interests in your daughter
    I'm here to stay so prey that me and you ain't crossing paths
    If we do I'm killing you until then bitch I can't relax
    I'm fully focused these jokers can't fuck with Bruce Wayne
    Acting like there kings but I'm the prince like Purple Rain
    Bitter lemonade microphone renegade
    Bashing in your skull until the bone areas fully caved
    Sick like bundy with a rope, so don't push it
    I'm a tie you to a chair before I vice your hand and crush it
    Fuck around and get done, fuck where you come from
    Guilty Orphans bang your mom until she full of cum
    This is how we do it on the West Mids
    Got involved with Baggabones and now we're all over the grid
    With sick flows microphones we rip those wearing sick clothes
    Kicking haters out of 100 story windows
    Leave a mess up in the street
    Drop the motherfucking mic we can't be beat, it's time to eat
    Milkaveli in my belly, fuck with this wack spitter
    Twist your head like tagletelli, all your music trash like litter
    I'm the truth, fucked over your crew
    And all your views went poof
    I'm banging out the real shit gutter grimey underground
    Thundercloud music, motherfucker, I am back in town

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