Stract (CHH) - Joy 2 Live Lyrics
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    Joy 2 Live

    VERSE 1: Lord I love You, and ain't nobody above You / I really can't wait till the day I can hug You / everyday for my plate I wait, and it don't bug You / it's crazy how You fill my cup / if you don't know what that means yo He filled my cup / spiritually, physically, man I'm living it up / there ain't nothing on this globe so I'm giving it up / and you can offer me the gold, I ain't giving Him up / I'm storing treasures in heaven man, Mark with a 7 man / call me the twelfth cause I walk with 11 man / I guarantee you ain't following a better man / the leader, bleeder, sin defeater / He make Stract wanna run home more than Jeter / my soul feed it's so true, ain't another more sweeter / believe the change man, been where the cain ran / now I let my knees hit the floor for the game plan /

    VERSE 2 (Jay Da Nomad): About a quarter my life was out of order, You determined to rescue, come hell or high water / You're the Author of my life my wife my daughters and my son, I've only begun to know the Father / on May 27th it'll be 10 years, and it's clear, it hasn't been me who's persevered / but it's been You, guiding me through everything I've been through / like Israel, pulled me from each ditch I fell into / the older I get, the less I know, but I suppose that's the way that it goes / I pay homage when I come to the show, and show love and I pray that it grows / you know the old man with young clothes on the corner with brown teeth, sorta reminds me of me / without You, that's why no matter what I never doubt You / now part of me is second, I'ma let him know about You /

    VERSE 3: You can lie to me, cheat me, go ahead beat me / think you a gangsta, try to defeat me / cause I don't care, as long as my Lord keep me / as I lift my shirt you can see there's no heat see / .. for that life no more / and I will stay .. for no dough / the cross be my logo, this life the promo / showing you the solo way, before your soul go / He makes life a joy to live / so the message of the cross is a joy to give / Lord .. and I'm sure to give You face time / You deliver so I don't gotta erase line / after line You the perfect rhyme text / and I'm set, cause in You my mind's kept / ready to survive any war like a Nam vet / ready let's get live, ain't no more spending time prep /

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