Stract (CHH) - Soldier Story Lyrics
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    Soldier Story

    HOOK: These are the stories of a soldier torn down / not by Satan but my own decisions / put the blame to myself, made my own decisions / clipped wings on an eagle tryna roll with pigeons

    VERSE 1: Chapter one, I should of ran after the Son / but after I accepted Him I ran back to fun / I was a young boy watching pops pack the gun / matter fact he even let your boy tap the gun / yeah he was tryna teach me, but he couldn't really reach me / he was hardly home and the streets was real preachy / always in my ears so the world was starting to tease me / squeeze me, while moms was telling me they would leave me / I ain't believe it all, wanted a taste / see I had fam in the game and they was running the race / leaving an ill trail, and I was starting to chase / so they moved me, thinking CV would improve me / but it bruised me and I was really starting to lose me / virginity gone, the sin in me, strong / list of wounds caused by the enemy was long / bleeding to death and I ain't wanna say I was wrong / so I, fought in my flesh and the heart in my chest / got me, it was deceitful always started my stress / and prayer life was minimal, I didn't care for my breath / He could of ended it when He wanted and left me for death /

    VERSE 2: Chapter two, the voices said Ab was through / I tried it for a little while but I couldn't remain true / it's like, three years in the church life was through / I bit the forbidden fruit and I was starting to chew / that was it, I went back to what I started to do / and after that came, the chains, strapped through pain / the next four years was darkness and rain / went from having it all, to losing it in vain / fighting, and igniting much more than a blunt / chilling in whips with the crips and much more than the drunk / partying all night, long like, Lionel Richie / a prodigal to the core, but my mind was busy / uh-oh, here comes the shorty with a baby carriage / oh no, I'm having kids outside of the marriage / needless to say, your boy started breaking down / the voices in my head was telling me to dig the ground / I said it in my raps in the lab with 3 other cats / but there was only 1 listening and He knew the facts / so I know, it won't be long before the change was coming / I heard Him, rose up and headed for the cross running /

    VERSE 3: Chapter three, the change came drastically / I went from swimming in the pond to the vastest sea / and the fruit was evident, it wasn't hard to see / so I knew the enemy was coming hard for me / but meanwhile, me and shorty did it covenant style / but I guess, I was the only one meaning the vow / cause six months later shorty turned the covenant foul / and as a man of God I had to turn it covenant child / so as I knelt to pray all I had to say was (Jesus have Your way) / came out a winner though I'm born a sinner / big up to B.I.G. Smalls but I'm born-againer / never to lose, your boy seeking heavenly jewels / ... in the sons of Zebedee shoes / see I been .. just to bring the gospel through / it's the reason why I live, it's what I gots to do /

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