Sy Ari da Kid - Press 0 (Extended Version) Lyrics
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    Press 0 (Extended Version)

    [Intro: Sy Ari da Kid]
    Hello, this is a free call from an inmate at the Cobb County Adult Detention Facility
    To accept this free call, press 0

    Yeah, yeah

    [Verse 1: Sy Ari da Kid]
    Knock, knock, who's there?
    The feds comin' to take my brother for two years
    But who cares? The show must go on
    Happy new year
    I want what they want, but I want it more
    I know you see me fightin' at the game like Suns in four
    I'm under more scrutiny, we usually punt the ball
    But it's fourth and inches and coaches wanna talk, but of course, I didn't
    And fuck the court systems and all the prisons
    Ironic, he gave his word before he saw a sеntence
    I'm honest, in Hеll's Kitchen, still, I do all the dishes
    My kindness got taken for weakness
    You ever look in the face of your demons while your son and daughter wanna play
    Tryna make up a reason?
    It ain't they fault, so pick your head up, son
    Lace up your sneakers, we never belong here
    'Cause whether you make it to Heaven or not, the devil was born there
    Settle the score wherever you saw fear if ever you saw fear
    The last time I folded, I was bendin' a lawn chair
    We all clear like skippin' through the line at the airport
    They all stare 'cause I'm lookin' younger than I am, I age in dog years
    I hate these niggas like Klan members, man, remember
    I don't care if you gay, straight, or transgender, beginner
    You don't want no static, fix your antenna
    Dipset affiliate, I'm still callin' Cam Killa
    How he a real nigga? He ain't got his mans with him
    Not a single person from his fam or kin, I just can't seem to shake hands with him
    Lord, forgive me, let's pour some Henny for the ones no longer with me
    There's darkness in me, I'm haunted, really
    But who don't like horror movies? I walk through 'em
    I lyrically painted vivid pictures, that's all proven
    You are now e-mailin' the first comin' of Jon Gruden
    Make way, both ways paved, always in the middle
    'Cause I never graduated from eighth grade
    This for them inmates that's still locked up in a cage
    Still bettin' cigarettes and coffee when they play spades
    Still sayin', "Ayy," still don't give a fuck what they say
    Still want my money on time, not a day late, safe, yeah

    [Chorus: Sy Ari da Kid & Benny the Butcher]
    Don't forget to say your grace (Don't forget to say your grace)
    Money don't sleep, stay awake (One eye open, I owe you one, nigga, I owe you two)
    Don't speak on another man, that ain't your place (Uh-uh, The Butcher comin')
    Say your grace

    [Verse 2: Benny the Butcher]
    She stayed a week with me at the Regency
    My driver waitin' conveniently
    I set the pace, then I easily dominate it
    Is these rappers real? (Uh)
    I never speak in these conversations, I'm biased (Not me)
    I had a key for them BET nominations
    We not equivalent
    Bein' a street nigga don't make you real as this (Nah)
    Tell me how when you not as comfortable in your skin as this
    Our society, but without the fame, they ain't gonna set me (No)
    I made some friends after them championship games, rain that confetti
    But I'ma lose 'em when I pull up back home in that Scaglietti (Skrrt)
    They think the drug dealin' me still alive like Machiavelli (Damn)
    So if rap got a title, most likely, it gotta be his (Bitch)
    All honesty mixed with quality kids, I'm not into trends (Uh-uh)
    When will this cocky shit end? (When?) Look at how sloppy I is (I'm just trippin')
    I'm lane shoppin', browsin' hoods I could buy some property in (Yeah)
    I took a couple rappers' spots, and I'm not sorry I did (Fuck 'em)
    I got this money quietly like I'm Sy Ari da Kid
    The Butcher, nigga (Ah)

    [Chorus: Sy Ari da Kid]
    It's crazy
    Don't forget to say your grace
    Money don't sleep, stay awake
    Don't speak on another man, that ain't your place
    Yeah, say your grace, nigga

    [Verse 3: Sy Ari da Kid]
    I seen a whole lot of true crimes, it's heavy life
    That's why I'll probably die with these two 9s like Betty White
    Every night, we move hustlin', tryna meet new customers
    Feed our mother and indeed, it was me and my brethren
    I remember like it was yesterday, we were struggling
    During wintertime, had to get the heat from the oven
    Standing, leaning in front of it
    [?][3:52] had the keys to his Cutlass and we was lovin' it
    Findin' loopholes to cheat on the government
    We cherish dirty money that the streets was covered with
    Innocent dying and we hate police because of it
    We wanted it more than anything
    We thuggin' it and we ain't stutterin'
    We say it with pride 'cause we know what this is (Yeah)
    I'm from where niggas run out on women that he nutted in
    Now she pregnant and he ghostin' 'cause she wanted it
    She pregnant and he ghosted 'cause she wanted it

    [Chorus: Sy Ari da Kid]
    It's crazy (It's crazy)
    Don't forget to say your grace
    Money don't sleep, stay awake
    Don't speak on another man, that ain't your place
    Yeah, say your grace, nigga

    [Outro: Sy Ari da Kid]
    Say your grace, nigga
    Say your grace
    Say that


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