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    Bad Religion.

    I don’t get to sleep
    Only when I need
    What’s been irking for me
    Nigga I ain’t shit
    Niggas I ain’t shit

    1000 streams
    Niggas that ain’t shit
    I need ramp up this shit
    Or just give in

    I been paying for a lotta things
    Like new speakers And an old machine
    Interface from sloppy mixer
    I gotta deal with acoustics
    Rappers only want records for free
    Like damn that is on me!

    Do not tell me what you think I need hear
    Convince me really if you wanna get near
    When you tell lies make a wish I never hear
    If you double cross xxbomnsquad on a nigga

    Don’t Pop a nigga on a face
    I just let a nigga race
    You like a Honda to a Mercedes
    I don’t beg you not fit
    Whеn I roar I’m a Grizzly. Angry Bear in the Jungle
    Look this niggas fakin it

    Why you tryna bе Chinese. When My kicks are Vietnamese
    I got some many trees Man I wake to a stick
    They can Keep the fame I just want the bag o’ cheese
    Fingers tips are turning pink, from a pussy I dig it in

    Life I’ve been living is heaven and hell
    The Ass I be kissin is stuck on my girl
    Still no days I put on a mask
    And When I make a mess
    I’m cleaning the mess
    I’m cleaning the mess
    I’m cleaning the mess

    I slept on the floor
    Ndi kho gogonwa
    Now imma struggle for my
    Bad religion
    If imma fight it's for my bad
    And if i might die it's for my
    Bad religion

    I been on the floor
    Tsha to do dovna
    I ain't gonna listen to rhyme
    With no reason
    If imma fight its for my bad
    And if imma die its for my
    Bad religion

    T H U S O. Black - Bad Religion. lyrics
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