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    T'Mak, FIMH
    Yeah yeah listen

    Verse 1:
    Yeah they think I'm insane
    I got in the game
    I'm making it rain
    Get outta my way
    Can't hear what you say
    Stay up in your lane
    You ain't tough as claim
    Flows I'm killing again and again
    Don't ever mention my name
    Your heart won't pump blood in your vein
    You can't control ain't no handles on me
    Man, I'm just following my dreams
    When problems approaching ain't even running
    It's God above everything
    Tryna keep elevating and they keep on hating
    And when you tryna build a bridge
    They will try to break it
    Or maybe just take it
    They walk there and make you walk in the streams
    My brother told me I gotta keep my head above the water and breath in
    Some other people pretend to be nice
    You ain't even know what they thinking
    I'm holding it down, I'm keeping it steady
    I'm ready for whatever, anything
    Since when I was young to get in the booth recording that's what I been wishing
    Came outta nowhere giving 'em nightmares
    Niggas are starch I'm breaking 'em
    I'm salivary amylase
    The name's T'Mak, been killing the tracks
    Nigga I ain't even got no breaks
    My flows intact, my flows intact
    Murder everytime I spit my verse

    I got fire in my heart, I'm hot
    I guess somebody gotta give me a thermostat
    Yo, I been keeping tracks like a garage
    And I even holding no grudge
    One more time, man, let's go

    Verse 2:
    I light up the gas, forgetting the past
    Time moving fast, at the speed of light
    If you talking trash, better watch your mouth
    If you got a doubt, nigga you gon' vouch
    Bros got my back, spinal cord
    My flow's worth, white rhino's horn
    I'm in my zone nigga leave me alone
    I'mma do anything to be gettin' dough
    Tryna test me, please bro
    Get knocked out, so please go
    Cuz I am in beast mode
    Murderous everytime I flow
    Still coming, rap wet dream
    Vaporizing, I'm hot steam
    The fire burning inside me
    The fire burning inside a nigga
    I'm cooking the flow like I'm a kitchen
    You got the cotton and I got the line
    Rip you apart, I put myself together
    Stand for the truth, real nigga forever
    I'm int the studio rapping my lungs out
    You already know bars are coming out loud
    Looking them haters, ain't making no sound
    Niggas are silent, ain't making no sound
    Killing the beats when I spit my verses
    Flowing and I'm ignoring the nonsense
    Think I'mma fall, my nigga just forget
    Better alone than mixing with roaches
    Flow got the pressure, blood in the artery
    Beats are fertilized like eggs in the ovary
    Niggas are hating, but that's motivating me
    Fire In My Heart, guess you already know what it is

    T Mak - FIMH lyrics
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