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    ISIS Cover

    Uh yeah
    Like john y'all niggas weak (ay)
    You know what happens when i get up on a beat (brrrrr)
    I don't even give a damn what you think (nah)
    I'm just doin' me, followin' my dreams (yes)
    I ain't talkin' about takin' a wiz (oh oh)
    But y'all gotta know i'm not here for peace{piss}(psshhh)
    Livin' all 'em rappers dead in a pool (what) no reference to marvel
    Forget the breakfast, forget the lunch and supper
    Right now i only eat the rappers
    If i said it on a record then i meant it
    Every second, every minute goin' by i can feel it in my spine
    I was made for this (yes)
    I've always been selfless why the f would you now say i'm narcissistic (no)
    Your'e antagonistic
    Within a blink of an eye, all you rappers can get demolished

    They like "t'mak you're lyrically crazy"
    I always tell 'em i freakin' know that already
    Flow so bright, your vision gets blurry
    Trash-talking 'bout me, i don't give a damn, mary
    I see 'em niggas acting like darkness on me, (but) little did they know i got night vision homie
    They now call me diablo on the mic when they look at how i've gone deep in flames with the flows

    A lotta people told me that i'd never gonna make it
    Only god can define my life, i don't need your definition
    And i'm never really going back til i make it to the summit
    You never know what you're capable of doing, not until you try it
    I figured people help you when they wanna, not when you need it
    I keep it a hunnid, nigga i ain't got no time to fake it
    And it's only me, myself and i, yeah i'm independent
    I'm a legend, not irrelevant, my flow is elegant
    See, i punch every line (punchline) all of my bars got bruises (bam)
    Like 48hrs (huh) all of these niggas are too dazy (lame)
    We're different man (yeah), a girl in my dream say i'm destined for greatness, and emmy is her name (ok)
    Y'all are 'bout to witness a homicide, like logic and eminem
    T Mak - ISIS Cover lyrics
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