​tana - Ash kaashh Lyrics
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    Ash kaashh

    Gang gang gang
    I'm flipping a pack when I [?]
    I'm counting the bank I'm feeling like Bizzy
    I call Lil Luisss if you wanna get busy
    And [?] he still kind of dizzy
    And what is Pippen if it ain't no Scottie
    I ain't from Jersey but shout out to Rodney
    And she in the back she tryna get naughty
    I want the neck girl I want it sloppy
    Sloppy ash kaashh
    Told Lil shorty throw it back Back
    I got that Glock in my backpack
    Girl that Lil ass so fat (Fat)
    I don't want you you a net
    Hit that Lil boy with a bat (bat)
    She hit me on Snapchat
    I told [?]
    Your brother that boy not allowed
    Hit him like one two three four five
    Stay with my beats on my speed like a [?]
    Hit him, in a leg and a mo- [?]
    Put him, in his crib, and his big brother died
    And send that boy to the air
    We got that boy now, he say it ain't fair
    But Tana he's dead
    (we do not care)


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