Tech G - Holla At You Lyrics
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    Holla At You

    Take a swig of this . .
    so uh, I wanted to holla at you' you know see we 
    really got to think about how we moving out here 
    these days at least it's it's too 
    much going on you know people out here 
    with this with this inner colonization type 
    stuff taking all our streets away and stuff 
    a lot of dudes out here thinking they know
    the game you know but they don't they getting
    played and they keep talking about they run the
    streets yet all these eyes and devices watching 
    that ain't got they back and us Rol Dawgz 
    all we trying to do is watch out back
    you see they don't they don't 
    get the pеrspective of stuff 
    you know we don't need thеse fools on 
    our tail every other day you understand
    it's already tough enough out here we 
    got to make sure we accomplish things
    we don't need that negative we don't need it
    keep it true with you if you wanna run these
    streets for real you got to have that paperwork
    I ain't talking about that street paperwork 
    you can have that street paperwork and that
    that legal shit cause I'm gonna tell you 
    you witnessing it but you ignoring it, 
    it's only so much longer it's only so much 
    longer we're gonna have to put up with this
    shit and eventually they gonna shut us all 
    down got to stick together got to have that
    true unity put all that other bull 
    shit aside grow some like a rol dawg


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