The Five Satins - The Time Lyrics
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    The Time

    The time
    Seems to pass so slowly
    Makes my heart be so lonely
    Ever since you been gone

    My days
    All seem like years
    All my dreams disappeared
    You've been gone so long

    My dear (My dear)
    You know (You know)
    That I (That I)
    Love you so (Love you so)
    Love you so (Love you so)
    And I’ll never (And I'll never)
    Let you go (Never let you go, go)

    Come back, let us stay here forever
    Say you'll leave me never
    Love me all of the time

    My heart (My heart)
    My soul (My soul)
    Is a fire (Is a fire)
    Oh yeah (Is a fire)
    I need (I need)
    Somebody (Somebody)
    To care (Need somebody to care)

    The time


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