The Game - Face of L.A. Lyrics
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    Face of L.A.

    [DJ Exclusive]

    [Intro: The Game]
    I thought I leave you niggas wit a little something to play with
    While I finish my fuckin' album
    Everybody wanna know when the fuck my album comin' out
    Whenever the fuck I drop it

    [The Game]
    Here the breakdown
    Before I tell y'all who I be
    I gotta say Proof R.I.P
    That's for Em
    The 40 ounce spillin' that's for him
    I got the system in the Bentley on blast for him
    I go bananas like classic Timbs
    And my lyrics go over a niggas head like a new era brim
    And I bang like a new era brim
    Translation: A brim is a blood; like me and Mac 10
    Any nigga want the drama I reach for the Mac 10
    Make the fitted cap spin, 'till it peel back skin
    Eazy baby you don't want it, believe me baby
    Yeeeeaahh, like Jeezy baby
    L.A. on my face, the logo from the Dodger brim
    I'm the face of L.A., you gon' see a lot 'o him
    The niggas behind me, you gon' see a lot them
    Enough niggas to fill up every room in the Ramada Inn
    A&R's at the label like "not again, every time we put a nigga out Game slaughter them"
    Catch 'im the alley, what you gon' do without your man?
    Feel like I'm Bishop standing over Radames
    You niggas bitches, throwin' rocks, then hide ya hands
    'Till I chew yo ass up like Flintstone vitamins
    I smell pussy, somebody let the cats loose
    I'm the Drama King, you'd think I found Papoose
    Who's next to put on the rat suit?
    I fuck 'em Doggy Style, you can go ask Snoop
    While I bump this Mobb Deep in the Cadillac coupe (haha)
    Nah, I really like track number 2
    So I put a 100 bars on it, you couldn't make my freestyle whack if you went and put Chico DeBarge on it
    I'm so hard homie, I swear to god homie
    50 Cent'll still bet his fuckin' black card on me
    Be cool, cause when the heats drew
    Them hollow tips'll fuck up ya stomach, like seafood
    My niggas hungry, when they look at you they see food
    Give it up or I see you in the ICU with a bed and some IV's too
    Nurse re-teachin' yo ass how to chew
    Fuck this rap shit, nigga I got a shoe
    Next color on the shelf is North Carolina blue
    I'm gettin' married, she from North Carolina too
    But you won't catch me in the North Carolina blue
    If you see me in Raleigh, just slidin' through
    Throw your rags in the air like North Carolinians do
    Before you run up, think about what you're tryin' to do
    'Cause the 12 gauge eat niggas like piranha food
    On my son I push ya head backwards
    'Cause I'll never ever ever be the next dead rapper
    I'd rather be alive pushin' some 2008 shit
    'Cause you gotta be dead in a box to be somebody's favorite
    I ain't sayin' I'm about to go where Ma$e went
    But you won't find me upside down on the pavement
    I'm behind the desk on some Jay shit
    Some niggas don't want me to shine, can you say snitch?
    Black Wall Street niggas hop out and spray shit
    A.K. spit, give that Maybach a face lift
    Now back to the basics
    My flow so amazin' if this was 88 and I could rap, I'd wear you out like Asics
    Wear you out like them ugly ass Bape shits
    Funny ass jackets got the hood on some gay shit
    Them look like Nike's with stars on 'em, face it
    The whole world blind, everybody on that Ray shit
    Roll a blunt and get higher then a spaceship
    Touch The Sky, nigga I'm on that Kanye shit
    Back in the day I used to bump Jaz-O
    Run up on you, take ya money and ya skateboard, I was a asshole
    Now I blast fo', leave 'em on this grass swole
    Kickin and Pushin' like Lupe Fiasco
    I got a jab like Floyd, even Zab know
    Try to Play The Game, get punched out like Glass Joe
    Hip-hop cops on my dick, hit the Ave slow
    Mad cause I get love in New York, like DiMaggio
    Brooklyn niggas say my flow nuts like pistachios
    See me in the '64 and wonder why the ass is low
    I got them bricks in it, that real yayo
    That Tony Montana, drop the shit off the Pedro
    I buy guns but the tons, bullets by the case load
    We can find Osama when I say so
    I got niggas flyin' in from San Diego
    That'll smoke your town turn it into Waco
    Come through give ya whole hood a makeover
    Sit on yo block in the bullet proof Range Rover
    Make you fade to black and I ain't Hova
    Think about that the next time you say The Game over

    [Outro: The Game]
    You know I usually talk a lot of shit at the end of my mother fuckin' freestyles
    But it ain't nobody else left to beef with....


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