The Incredible String Band - Sunday Song Lyrics
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    Sunday Song

    In the church made of living trees entwined
    Green and dapple golden trees enshrined us
    I heard the mice murmur in the corners
    Saw the moles move deep below the ground

    Far below the great ships trembled
    And a million men almost remembered
    For one did
    We are bonded
    Love is god
    For one did we are bonded love is god
    Gold is roses and horses
    Kissing petals, swishing tails
    Love is god oh sweet joy

    Venus fell for a while in England
    Air was sweet as milk
    The boy child's kisses still changed into birds
    Grasses were violet swaying like silk

    Now my friends are scattered wide
    Over planet earth
    I have so much to tell each one
    Those of chosen birth
    My friends who fold their wings away
    In the day

    Ah strange surprise
    Grass being green
    On planet earth
    Galaxy thirteen

    Yes I have so much to tell each one
    Of things I truly know
    Of our journeying creating golden dawn
    Of our sweet and awesome bond
    Why we fold our wings away
    In the day

    Love is god, it god oh sweet joy


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