The Mr. T Experience - Untitled Spoken Word Piece [live] Lyrics
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    Untitled Spoken Word Piece [live]

    JON VON: I'm gonna...I'm gonna tell you a joke that I heard was from, from Mitchell's lil' twelve-year-old sister. Are you ready?

    AUDIENCE: Yeah!

    JON VON: Okay. How many flies does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    AUDIENCE: (Shouts answers)

    JON VON: [aside] Thank you. Uh, two! But don't you wonder how they got in there?

    AUDIENCE: (Laughs, groans, yells)

    JON VON: Thank you, thank you. That was pretty good, huh, Frank? Wasn't that better than usual?

    DR. FRANK: I thought that was kinda vulgar

    AARON: But at least he remembered it. He usually doesn't even remember it

    JON VON: I usually forget the punchline. Thanks, MItchell!

    (Guitar feedback)

    JON VON: This is a punk rock song called, "Now We Are Twenty-One."


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