The Weather Girls - Just Us Lyrics
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    Just Us

    Lovin’, tender sweeet as i remember
    Feelin’ fires in your arms
    Say we’ll last forever
    Wonderful together

    Huggin, squeezing
    More than merely pleasing
    Soothing, moving
    In my heart

    There are no others
    No one is sweeter
    I’m in a trance going deeper deeper
    High as a rainbow
    There’s only you me and how you make me feel

    Just us – just us –just us

    Livin’ easy, feeling mighty freely
    Givin’ true my whole life through
    Secret dreams unfoldin’
    Reachin’ touchin’ holdin’
    Laughin’, there is more than i can hope for
    Livin’ lovin’ in your arms

    There are no other loves
    Deeper and deeper oh
    I’m as high as a rainbow

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