The Whatever Kid - @TESSI (Playmate Tessi Diss Track) Lyrics
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    @TESSI (Playmate Tessi Diss Track)

    [Verse 1: The Whatever Kid]
    "Oh my god, I don’t have enough self-awareness
    To see why on the internet I’m really hated"
    Maybe 'cause you made fun of a cancer patient
    While your content is cancer, you dumb bitch
    Tessi -- great example why not to have kids
    Imagine busting nuts, your kid turns out like this
    How you gonna be racist when you mixed?
    "I’m just trolling when I say that shit
    LOL, I think it’s good to be racist"
    The type of girl that gives Steven Crowder a boner
    He’s the only guy that would laugh at your humor
    "While my face is straighter than a bigot right-wingеr
    You’re just hating 'cause I’m so gorgeous"
    Not with thosе Daffy Duck lips
    Hold up, are you Momo’s twin sister?
    You’re way more scary-looking than her
    Assault your plastic surgeon, not your cat
    After that job, you need your money back
    Like a Nick show, you think you’re all that
    Such a deluded narcissist
    Your own daddy wished you never did exist
    "Tessi, when we made you back in '02
    I wished your mom would have swallowed you"
    But that’s what happens when you get horny
    All you think about is penetrating pussy
    Not the hell the next 20 years will bring me
    If you were to tell a pro-lifer bout Tessi
    Abortion will be fully legal in this country
    Hey, take notes on how to make a diss
    Can you please explain this bitch?

    [Verse 2: The Whatever Kid]
    Shut the fuck up yelling your garbage bars
    Tessi acting like she’s a superstar
    Liar like Amber, I never heard of you
    Until I was looking at stuff on Reddit, dude
    And if I’m gonna be honest
    So arrogant, she makes K-Fed look modest
    Funny how you call someone else a fucking loser
    When you make fun of a girl that has cancer
    Which made you get disowned by your father
    "Oh my god, you’re a broke boy, Whatever Kid"
    Bitch, I don’t even think you’re rich
    Well, you’re a loser based on your logic
    If you think that you got nice flows
    Then I’m going out with Miranda Cosgrove
    Now let me pass it to AI J. Cole

    [Verse 3: AI J. Cole]
    You hear that slap in the background?
    That’s her slapping her man right now
    Hitting your man is okay according to the Dr. Phil genius
    I nickname her Crabs, don’t want her near my penis
    Dissing you makes me a broke hater
    How so? I’m a legendary rapper
    The day your rap flows get you paid
    Is the same day that I make the NBA
    Dudes be going out sad
    If they think Daffy lips is bad
    She said, "My ex out to get me"
    Bitch, you are not even wanted by your daddy
    So this Christmas, you’ll be all alone
    Being a scumbag, why Dad or Sis don’t call your phone
    Got your 15 minutes, but was it worth it?
    Clout-chasing caused permanent damage
    Burned all bridges just to get views on Twitch and YouTube
    Everyone can say how you need help
    But you will never change if you don’t seek it yourself


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