TheRubin - UPGRADING Lyrics
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    [Verse 1]
    Look who’s back?
    I’m upgrading in a bit
    Thinking back when I was just a little kid
    Making little songs in my room to a hundred subs
    Was thinking, will I ever make it big?
    Nowadays, I’m thinking of a coffin
    Closing up the lid
    Wishing my own death
    Started slipping from my mind often
    Getting told to “man up” and soften
    Starting wishing I was on my deathbed
    Starting hoping that my breaths dead
    Then I moved to a new place
    Made some new friends instead
    My thoughts were disappearing
    But then this whole lockdown trapped me in a case
    Locked up away from the human race
    Wanted to create some music but I was never motivated
    But now it’s January and I’m contemplating my music
    2019 songs were just a stupid skit
    Maybe I should upgrade it
    (‘Cause it’s wack?)

    [Verse 2]
    But finally
    I don’t need to change my pitch to a song
    Or make a couple accounts to message me
    Imagine dropping a diss in another language
    Response comes out and he doesn’t upload again (woo)
    Returns finished you
    DEAD really finished you
    Music’s up on a crane (compared to yours)
    I’ve been progressing on my mental health
    I guess I need to build up on my strength
    Last couple months of school, I need to build up on my wealth
    I’m keeping relationships at an arm’s length
    I made a song called HELP ME but I never got any help
    Looking back, I should’ve got the help
    I took a step back from doing music
    I need to prep Jack for it too quick
    Drop DEEP LIFE and then go have a rest
    But I guess I need to upgrade it


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