Timaya - Appreciation Lyrics
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    From Nigeria to Dakar
    Girl demma shaking their backa
    Trinidad to Jamaica
    Girls demma dancing labamba
    All the way from Bayelsa to Australia
    My music e dey boss up for panya
    See the ay demma jamming nonstop
    Shout out to my fans all over the world oh
    Anywhere that we go
    Nigeria to Soweto
    Ghana to Morocco
    See the people demma want *** oh
    Eh oya aunty
    Shake body with our mummy eh
    Daddy jump around with our uncle eh
    See as you dey jolly
    No forget to make money eh
    So you go spray our mummy
    And our aunty for the party eh
    Say we no dey play basketball
    But our music my guy na **
    E no get anywhere where we go
    Where dem go say dem no dey feel am nonstopper
    Eh heh
    When we enter the place
    Everybody dem dey scatter
    I no use am to quench the daily
    So thirstiness like say na pure water
    From odubo the music go rush here
    Enter bus from mali to ***
    Dem dey hunger for the thing for Hungary
    Dem dey chop am
    The way dem chop garri
    No be small thing oh
    Fine fine girl up on the burning dance floor
    Eh eh, I say thank you for the Love
    What else can a brother ask you for
    Music in my thinking (2x)
    From Benin to Burlington
    Music in my thinking (3x)
    From Naija to Washington
    Dem dey hear me for their TV and their stereo
    Shout out to my guys and my girlie oh
    Thanks for the people who support me oh
    I promise to never never let you go
    See this sing e no get chorus
    E don dey we don dey do am
    See the people feel us
    No be say na by our power
    Na the blood of Jesus
    Well I thank God for all the blessings given to us
    Eh eh ***
    Baby girl ***
    Music in my thinking (2x)
    From Benin to Burlington eh
    Music in my thinking (2x)
    From Naija ah ah ah


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