Time Up Geng - Bad Things Lyrics
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    Bad Things


    We living it good
    But they call it bad
    When we out
    Is a kinda of big mad
    You think we bad but we baddest
    When we out
    Is a kind of big mad
    Silence is the noise
    Time up is the voice


    Bad things
    Bad things
    We dey do some bad things
    Bad things
    Bad things
    Here with the Geng with some bad things
    Bad things
    Bad things
    We dey do some bad things
    Bad things
    Bad things
    Here with the Geng with some bad things


    Me ne man dem we smoke some trees
    Doing some bad things with the o'gees
    Me suro nyame oo ny3 policе
    Lord forgive me adey on my knees
    Mom is rich so I don't rеspect
    Mess with me you gonna regret
    Next I come with the set
    Me mbu ade3 adey greet with left
    Ade3 Kokooo na apae a ku me yam
    No entry nso joo y3 wura mu
    Don't come close nso y3 kura mu
    Me ne geng geng babia y3 gyinamu
    Hw3 ma ni as3 ma sh3sh3
    Codeine hw3 na sipe
    Me ni girl nso ma p3p3
    Aso ɔden nti me nt3


    I told you if I buy my new car
    I will travel y'all back to history
    Busa all the hood boys wo girl Stacey me woso no wɔ backseat
    )N deserve me treat
    )Y3 sabola girl nti me faa no easy
    Me wɔ noɔ 3x
    )Se Kweku woobu me sisi
    Adwoa bae wa nan mu na I'm frisky
    Berma wo mmɔ me hu me y3 sassy
    Me chains gu me kɔn mu mey3 flashy
    Young Black Boy I'm dying in luxury
    Me nhy3 mo kpokpo no o classy
    Wo girl no se mey3 sexy
    M'daadaa no o mede Pepsi awe no baako baako b3y3 twenty
    I'm stucked on her pussy like Tony
    )B3n me a mewɔ no over kick Rooney
    Wo boy no fake wo a sudii
    Wura Penthouse na me kyer3 wo me duri
    Obi b3gye me girl a ny3 Mumuni
    No no Asanti ni ba a me y3 snoopy
    Wo twa me diss na me hyia wo a no reply wasum retua duties


    Pull up in the testree
    Me ne me badboys sucke y3 jeans no da y3 to fa
    Me killers on duty 442 formation ghost ryders
    S3 y3 breaky deba
    Demon time me ne strippers
    Sh3sh3 d3wi wiaa y3 bu mpa
    Me ne bad bitches bu mpa
    Me bo wo mu wiaa me ne wo ni nkyeaa
    Fr3 fr3 mmaa du nwodw3 na ya bo ky3nku na y3 sh3 ɛdan mu
    Real bad boy aa mey3 pastor
    Quotation menua na ma biebiemu
    Me y3 preaching mmaa no tie
    Y3 bo deliverance wo ɔmo ɛnan tanmu
    Mmaa kokoo ne hon y3 ɔmo d3 s3 y3 finger ɔmo aa na ɔmo tietien mu


    Am bout to blow you a horn
    Am gonna ask you a question
    Do you wanna be on top?
    She say
    You better stop the thuging you better stop the bad thing
    I said
    Time up Genging
    How can I stop de thuging
    Am bout to start it
    Am gonna fly my spaceship
    Am bout to be a Martian
    You think am Lying
    I don't like this planet
    I don't like the system
    Imma always be d baddest

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