T.O.K. - Gal You A Lead Lyrics
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    Gal You A Lead

    [Hook: Alexx]
    (Gal you) Goooooooooooonnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee!!!
    (You a) Leeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaadddddddd!!!
    (Gal you) Goooooooooooonnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee!!!
    (Gal you a) Leeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaadddddddd!!!

    [Verse 1: Bay-C]
    On yuh mark get set go and there off
    First place inna di race
    And leff dem gal deh yah last
    If a look good test they get more than pass
    Wid finesse and di class
    Shape like an hour glass
    Yuh a di bomb
    Pressure dem inna di E class
    And yuh know yuh do yuh shoppin
    It nuh matta weh it cost
    Dem nah go nuh wey so dem quick fi talk
    And it bun dem
    True yuh tekin off like a aircraft


    [Verse 2: Craigy T]
    So mi go so weh mi juggle
    Then wine gal cau yuh inna yuh prime
    Yuh get a life sentence
    If lookin good was a crime
    Har belly skin smooth and it nuh full up a line
    Gal yuh round like a two pound kindly divide
    Bounce a gal cau she nuh worth yuh time
    She caan walk side deh yuh
    She haffi come behind
    When yuh, ***** up yuh bumpa
    Yuh have di man dem a blind
    But anyman waan yuh dem haffi form a line
    Becau yuh


    [Verse 3: Flexx]
    Di man dem a watch yuh like everyday
    True dem know yuh body good
    And yuh nuh give it away
    So all di likkle fassy dem a road dem a stay
    How dem a go stop yuh now?!
    Linin large and in charge
    But dem gal deh yah fraud
    Yuh nut clothes a yard
    Yuh do yuh shoppin a broad
    So all di likkle fassy dem a road dem a talk
    How dem a go stop yuh now, girl



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